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Virus Alert time - Bagle.A Mass Mailer

BT Openworld has issued a security warning about the Bagle.A Mass Mailer virus. Within the last 24 hours the number of occurrences of this virus in mail boxes appears to have risen drastically - which again shows people are ignoring the various warnings and simple procedures that will stop the viruses. has information to help protect from this virus. The general rule is that no matter how safe an attachment looks do not open it, viruses are now very good at faking email addresses and therefore can often appear to be from someone you know or trust. Certainly we have seen a number of bounced messages where people are spoofing email addresses, so you cannot rely on the sender address to be accurate.

The Bagle windows worm arrives in the form of an email posing as a test message that has an attachment. If opened it runs a programme that plunders address books for email addresses and uses an in-built mail program to send itself to new victims. Sometimes the attached file bears an icon that makes it look like it is a calculator.

The Bagle worm can be spotted in e-mail inboxes as it always has a subject line that reads simply: "Hi". On no account should customers open the attachments to these emails.

We would also like to warn customers about a fake email entitled "Billing Notice From's Accounting Dpt" in the subject field. The message body contains the following text: "Internet Billing Notice. Please press "open" and read the attached Billing Notice. Note if you do not read this within 24 hours we at regret we will have to terminate your internet service."

BTinternet Billing Team do not send out e-mails with attachments. Please delete any e-mail purporting to be from the BT Internet Billing team if it arrives with an attachment.

If you already have a virus alert in place it will pick these mails up for you. If not, you can get the latest anti-virus information by going to .

BT Openworld takes the security of its customers very seriously and will do everything possible to ensure they have an excellent internet experience.

Security alert from BT Openworld

If you are a BT Openworld subscriber, more details are available here


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