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LTT provides lifeline to Community Mesh customers

Last week, we reported that Community Mesh was forced to cease providing services after having severe financial difficulties. LTT, one of the larger wireless broadband providers, has offered to help ex-Community Mesh customers by offering a similar service with a short lead time. The offer, valid until the end of February, is for a 512 Kbps symmetric service and is priced at £65+VAT setup (usually £195) including equipment with a monthly charge of £25+VAT. The minimum contract term is 12 months.

"The demise of Community Mesh is not unexpected. Like many "community" wireless networks, it was more a matter of when, rather than if they found the technical and commercial challenges of running a network to be too much. LTT’s approach to this marketplace is different for many reasons including its understanding of the high investment required to build a proper scalable, manageable network; coupled with its continued R&D expenditure to guarantee its customers best-of-breed Internet service [..] With the Artemis platform we will shortly be deploying other services such as voice and TV which will better position LTT as a full service operator"

Nicholas Harvey, LTT Broadband Support UK Ltd.

Further details here [seb]


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