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Needham Market is 1000th BT exchange to reach its trigger level

The Register has news that the Needham Market BT exchange in Suffolk is the 1000th exchange to be officially activated under the demand registration scheme.

With 2193 BT exchanges now activated for ADSL, the coverage figure for the number of households connected to an enabled exchange is around 89%. Though as always one needs to subtract 3-4% for phone lines on each exchange that are out of reach of ADSL under the current limits.

Currently there is 377 exchanges that have a service date announced, and 269 more triggered exchanges which are awaiting news on their service date. Currently the fate of those exchanges that have triggered and are waiting on a service date is subject to much speculation. Up until December 2003, the RFS dates issued were relatively predictable, but at present the dates are varying from April 2004 to December 2004, and campaigners are seeking answers on why this is the case. Lets hope BT can improve this flow of information, which at present is a very slow trickle.


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