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Government tax concessions help employees buy PCs for home

The UK Government has introduced legislation to promote IT literacy among the UK population by bringing in tax breaks for employees' computers at home to achieve their goal to get the UK online by 2005. This not only includes the hardware but associated installation and support services. The system works by paying for the hardware and services from gross pre-tax salaries, thereby reducing the Taxable income and National Insurance Contributions payable.

BT has introduced a Home Computing Tax Break Scheme which takes advantage of this initiative offering Toshiba and HP PCs, laptops, printers and networking equipment to suit each individual requirement. The service which includes a BT engineer installing the system also offers on-going support. More information, including details of the free-interest payment offers, can be found on the BT site here.

"The idea behind BT Home Computing Tax Break is simple. It allows employees to get the latest top-brand computer for their home use at savings of up to 50% less than the cost of a comparable one on the high street. There is no catch. We will deliver, install and service top-brand computers to any employee whose company signs up to the scheme. It is the ultimate employee benefit."

Steve Askew (CEO), BT Home Computing

Employers can also benefit in the reduction of National Insurance payments under the scheme. Also, more information here. [seb]


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