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UK ADSL passes small milestone

The UK has in the last day or two passed the point at which 50% of all BT telephone exchanges will have ADSL present by the end of 2004. There are currently 2161 enabled exchanges, 372 with RFS dates and 237 awaiting release of an RFS date. This is a grand total of 2770 exchanges, the number gathering registrations is 2754.

These remaining 2754 exchanges cover around 3 million phone lines, or about 10% of the lines in the country. So long as RFS dates are published in good order, and interest continues in the registration scheme it is fairly safe to say that Broadband UK is more of a reality than a dream. Though while it does look good, there are black-spots that still need resolving, e.g. the 45,000 BT customers with TPON lines, those 2-4% of all lines that are out of range of even a 0.5Mbps service. Broadband providers including BT, LLU, cable, wireless and others need to start looking at the next stage in a public way very quickly.


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