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Another batch of RFS Dates

A relatively large batch of RFS dates have being released this week, but they barely make a dent on the number of exchanges awaiting announcement of their RFS date.

Posters on our bulletin board are starting to question the registration scheme and the way that with RFS dates being so spread out. it appears as if BT have a pre-defined schedule which they are slowly working to. One certain fact is that if exchanges continue to trigger at the current rate, then rather 2761 exchanges waiting to trigger, we will have 2761 exchanges waiting for an RFS date. This situation and the long RFS dates re-introduces the old 'when are we going to get ADSL' question. The registration scheme to date has been fairly predictable, the risk now is that the excitement of triggering will fall away and many people will forget that they are due to get ADSL in 9 months or more. The end result from the apathy may well be a slower than usual take-up in some areas.

In support of BT Wholesale one problem that is being encountered more is the variability in what is required for smaller exchanges, and if any exchange requires even the smallest amount of road works that can add a couple of months to the build time.

Exchanges ready for service on 24th March 2004

Brewood Dipton Earlswood Grendon Underwood
Hatfield Peverel Holbeach Kimberley Kirton Lindsey
Llandrindod Wells Newdigate Puriton Ruskington

Exchanges with RFS on 31st March 2004 - Kent Partnership

Cheriton Otham Sheperdswell St Margarets Bay

Exchanges ready for service on 14th April 2004

Brede - East Sussex Partnership

Exchanges ready for service on 5th May 2004

Anstruther Bellaghy Eastling Freeland
Henlade Hursley Rudgwick Sealand

Exchanges ready for service on 13th May 2004

Horam Road - East Sussex Partnership

Exchanges ready for service on 26th May 2004


Exchanges ready for service on 2nd June 2004

Great Mollington Northhill

Exchanges ready for service on 30th June 2004 (*)

Chadlington Compton Hampden Row

Exchanges ready for service on 28th July 2004 (*)

Annan Croughton Gargunnock Kirkby Fleetham
Mintlaw Stognumber Whiteparish

Exchanges ready for service on 1st September 2004 (*)

Broughton Chilbolton Great Shefford Whitwell

Exchanges ready for service on 29th September 2004 (*)

Dirleton Kemnay Scaynes Hill Strathmiglo
Symington Tirley

Exchanges ready for service on 1st December 2004 (*)

Llansteffan St Fergus

Braco exchange as yet has no RFS date due to the fact that a building extension will be required, therefore a date will be announced in the future.

(*) denotes: The exchanges with an RFS date more than 150 days away will not appear with an RFS date on the BT demand tracker, and therefore the same will happen on most trackers. The reason is that BT Wholesale cannot take an advance order from an ISP any more than 150 days in advance of an RFS date.


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