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ADSLNation give X-Modem a makeover and reduce price

ADSLNation has launched its X-Modem CE at just £49.99 (exc VAT). The X-Modem CE is a compact Ethernet ADSL modem and works identically to the X-Modem that we have previously reviewed.

The main differences between the two models other than the price saving are that a new case design is in use, producing a neater modem that will look better sitting next to a Buffalo router or Apple iMac and the removal of the USB port. The X-Modems work well with the Apple Airport Extreme base station and have proved popular with Mac users.

A bundle of the X-Modem CE and a Airstation WBR-G54 Wireless Broadband Router is available for £114.88 (exc VAT). This price places it alongside the small range of 802.11g all-in-one wireless ADSL modem/routers that are on the market at present. Our review of the Buffalo router is here. Apple users can also get an X-Modem CE and Airport Extreme Basestation for £170.20 (exc VAT).


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