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Netgear release their Wireless Digital Music Player

Netgear have released their latest wireless product the MP101 Wireless Digital Music Player. The player uses standard 802.11b which is more than fast enough for the playing of music stored on PCs on a local network or listening to Internet Radio.

The retail price is £125, which includes the Media Server software that runs under 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP, it would appear no Mac version is available at this time. The software makes use of the existing catalogue/genre information generated by Windows Media Player, and the remote control and LCD display allow you to select things like the genre of music to play or specific albums.

The release of a more 'Hi-Fi' style component than an all singing and dancing video/audio player like many providers have attempted is interesting. It does allow people to use the device without any TV or monitor. For more details on the device and what it can do visit the Netgear website here. Full 64bit and 128bit WEP encryption is supported, and usefully an Ethernet interface is standard for those who do not want to use wireless.


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