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BT Ignite - Offical Word for IG Click Users

Recently, i was approached by a group of IG Click ADSL users who explained that their service was being cancelled at the end of January due to IG Click going out of business.

We felt the best thing we could do is attempt to get these users connected to another ISP. We needed answers to a couple of questions seeing as this has not been attempted on such a scale before.

1). When BT Ignite recieve the order to cease the service, will they remove the equipment?

BT Ignite's reply: "if an end user wishes to change their ISP, BT will check to see if the current equipment can be re-used with the new ISP's service."

2). Will the end user/ISP be charged a second install fee?

BT Ignite's reply: "Whether or not any equipment can be re-used, this is treated as a cease and new provide and charged accordingly."

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