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ADSL modem/routers now work with AOL ADSL broadband

AOL just before Christmas started to support the use of ADSL modem/routers on their service. Since AOL has been providing ADSL in the UK, users have being looking for how to use an ADSL modem/router like other ISPs. AOL users wanting to find out more should simply use the AOL keyword home networking in the AOL client.

AOL is actively selling a number of Thomson Speed Touch routers that will work with the service. For those who want to source their own hardware a guide can be found here, this details what to do with a Speed Touch 545, but the principles are the same. The main things to get right, are the requirements for the AOL screen name that is used by the router to log onto the ADSL service.

One issue that has arisen in our forums is that you may need to change the MTU of the computers behind the router to 1400, or if the router supports it change the MTU on the router. If this means nothing to you, then we would advise visiting our AOL forum and seeking advice - there is a growing knowledge base from router users.


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