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Update on Progress in Milton Keynes

The Broadband4MiltonKeynes website has some updates on progress in the area. While this will mainly be of interest to those people living in the Milton Keynes area, people who are suffering the problems of TPON, or who perhaps are too far from the exchange should take a look. It is very likely that once BT has conquered the various issues in Milton Keynes it will use the experience to roll-out broadband to other parts of the UK.

It seems BT or its sub-contractors have been caught on camera laying extra copper cabling to the Middleton area. Interestingly when BT was chased for a comment on this, the answer was "There's a lot happening. I'll have some pleasant news in the New Year... we'll provide a resolution!". Quite what is happening is not clear, but it is probably a combination of extra copper cabling, and mini-DSLAMs for those TPON areas where the length of copper would put them out of reach of even a 0.5Mbps ADSL service.

One small nail in the coffin for those who have had their hopes pinned on the adoption of the ADSL2 standard, see question 26 on this page. BT believes that the range will only increase by around 0.2km if ADSL2 is deployed, therefore there is little point of its use to try and cover ADSL black spots.


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