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Why 27 exchanges are still waiting for an RFS date

Following on from yesterdays news item on the high number of exchanges still awaiting a RFS date, BT Wholesale released over the Christmas break information regarding 27 of the exchanges.

The 27 exchanges are the ones which have triggered and where BT Wholesale has determined that the engineering work to enable the exchange means that these exchanges would have an RFS date some 5 months or so in the future. This is due to things like significant amounts of cable laying or building work. BT Wholesale is now holding back on the dates in an effort to identify ways in which the lead times can be shortened. Once a date has been decided upon the demand trackers will be updated.

Exchanges requiring extended work to enable:

Annan Asthall Leigh Braco Broughton
Capel Chadlington Chilbolton Compton
Croughton Dirleton Gargunnock Great Mollington
Great Shefford Hampden Row Kemnay Kirkby Fleetham
Llansteffan Mintlaw Northill Scaynes Hill
St Fergus Stogumber Strathmiglo Symington
Tirley Whiteparish Whitwell

Critics of BT will accuse BT of not planning ahead, but given that 2300 triggers were released at once, it would have being almost impossible to predict all of the exchanges that would trigger in December and January. Perhaps with the best of intentions people were led to believe that there would be no excessive delays, but as with any major undertaking in the IT/Teleco world there are always bumps along the way.

Lets hope that BT can release the RFS dates for those exchanges that are straighforward to deal with during the next week and then keep pace with the rate they are currently triggering at. Just as important will be BT Wholesale keeping campaigners and the public in general informed as to why some exchanges are taking longer than others to enable, and as soon as possible to announce firm RFS dates for these 27 exchanges.


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