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Northamptonshire’s businesses get broadband help

The Northamptonshire Partnership has been formed as a sub-regional partner of the East Midlands Development Agency and has as its remit the task of bringing broadband to local businesses in areas of Northamptonshire that to date have being ignored.

The partnership has funding of £1.5 million, and while the fund is primarily aimed at businesses, home users are not forgotten. Where a broadband service is provided by the scheme and when possible it will also be offered to households in the same area. The eventual hope of the scheme is that Northamptonshire will have extensive broadband coverage by the end of 2005.

Lets hope that this scheme and the other Development Agency schemes can now target areas better, the release of the 2300 trigger levels by BT Wholesale should make it much easier to identify the areas that need extra assistance in terms of alternate suppliers. Additionally the partnership schemes need to mobilise the interest in areas that do have a trigger level from BT, many small businesses will be using the Internet but have little idea that they can influence the speed at which broadband is rolled out to their area.


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