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IG Click Director Mr Horgan runs away from responsibility...

The Register reported that Mike Ashworth, the unofficial but well known spokesman of IG Click users has been sent a letter by solicitors of Mr Horgan, the sole director of IG Click, the first ISP who is leaving their ADSL users in a lurch.

Like ISPr, we cannot condone any illegal activities, but we would urge anyone wishing to exercise their rights to inspect the public register of company directors, to head over to Companies House. Some users may wish to do a cross-reference search (which may require a visit to one of their offices in Cardiff or London) to check out what other companies Mr Horgan is a director of. If anyone has time to do this before us, please keep us up to date.

We would also like to remind IG Click users that we have a forum for you now.

The full story at The Register is available here. Thanks to ISPreview who pointed our attention to it.


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