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More competition at low end of the ADSL market

PlusNet have announced a 150kbps 'always-on' ADSL service for just £14.99 (inc VAT). The new service is to be called DSL Connect and is aimed squarely at those dial-up users who until now have felt they do not need the full speed of a 0.5Mbps connection, or for people who want to give ADSL a go, but with a minimal financial outlay.

The 150kbps ADSL products have drawn criticism in the past for being marketed as broadband services, PlusNet are avoiding this label, and leaving the broadband description for its 0.5Mbps and faster services. The DSL Connect product is simply referred to as 'convenient, always-on ADSL Internet access'. This move is to be praised.

PlusNet are not the only people with a 150kbps service, there is also Tiscali at £15.99/month and Gio Internet at £15.95 (£9.95 with limited special offer). Obviously this market is not going to go away, as demonstrated by the 500,000 NTL cable modem customers with a 150kbps service. With unmetered dial-up slowly increasing in price it is likely that demand is going to increase for entry-level ADSL services.

Update 15/12/03: The upstream speed of this new DSL Connect product and other Tiscali 150kbps Wholesale products is actually a rate-adaptive 256kbps. Which means that it is unusual in having a faster upstream than downstream speed.


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