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Demon to introduce spam filtering to its email service

THUS has taken action against spam, something which is still fairly rare among service providers. They are to employ Brightmail's anti-spam technology on its Demon mail service. This server side filtering will help to reduce the amount of spam people receive in their e-mail. Additionally by virtue of being done 'server side' there is no complex configuration or rule learning to be undertaken.

The new filtering service will be free, and for those who do not want to use it, an opt-out option will be available. The level of spam has risen significantly in the last couple of years, Brightmail report that it has risen from 8% in 2001 to 56% of all email traffic they monitor in November 2003.

Server side spam filtering carries advantages, for users with GPRS, dial-up or ISDN connections by blocking the spam upstream saves time and money. Even with a broadband connection the amount of spam and its size can occupy a fair bit of bandwidth. Another big advantage is that it will be platform independent, making the filtering available to Mac, Linux and other platforms.


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