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BT Wholesale announces another 17 RFS dates

This first week of December brings glad tidings for another 17 BT exchanges, which have now had a 'Ready For Service' date announced. This week also saw the number of enabled ADSL exchanges break the 2000 barrier. There are a further 463 exchanges either waiting for their upgrade work to finish or for the service date to be announced, which means around 2500 BT exchanges will have ADSL available by around April 2004.

Exchanges ready for service on 18th February 2004


Exchanges ready for service on 3rd March 2004

Boroughbridge Colwall Ebchester Edinburgh Pentland
Grindleford Hadnall Hullavington Kelsall
Kerry Maze Oakengates Parbold
Spaxton Steeple Aston Stone Cross Whitchurch


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