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BT to roll-out wholesale SDSL to 50 more exchanges

BT Wholesale has announced that its SDSL (Symmetric DSL) wholesale service is to be made available at a further fifty exchanges. The exchanges are located in the West Midlands and Greater London areas. The exchanges were chosen based on demand, market analysis and feedback from service providers. The fifty exchanges will be enabled between the 9th and 29th January 2004, the full schedule can found here.

The symmetric service provides the same speed in both upstream and downstream directions. The four speed options available are 0.25Mbps, 0.5Mbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps. The ability to have a higher upstream speed than the standard ADSL product means the service will appeal for example to companies who have employees working from home and using virtual private networking to access a company LAN. The wholesale pricing ranges from £140/month for the 0.25Mbps service to £250/month for 2Mbps, at a contention ratio of 10:1. A Datastream based service is also available, allowing ISPs the option of offering higher or lower contention products.


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