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BT calls for nationwide Wireless Broadband Week support

BT is seeking support from wi-fi based wireless broadband operators to join together in supporting the UK's first "Wireless Broadband Week" at the end of January. During the week beginning 26 January, BT Openzone will be offering free 7-day trials of wireless broadband to raise public awareness of the benefits of broadband services, wi-fi in particular. All you have to do is register on their website. BT Openzone has more than 1,700 sites at present which it is aiming to more than double by the summer.

"Wi-fi has gone from strength to strength in 2003 and the launch of Wireless Broadband Week will help expose an even greater number of people to the benefits of wireless whether they are emailing friends, surfing the web or accessing corporate files away from the office. This marks the first national push of wi-fi and I would really urge the industry to get behind Wireless Broadband Week and offer their services free of charge for the entire week. Between now and Wireless Broadband Week, we will be announcing a series of exciting agreements which will help make wi-fi more accessible to business and recreational users throughout the UK"

Steve Andrews (MD, Products and Enterprises), BT

You can find your nearest BT Openzone on the website, via BT Directory Enquiries (118 500) or via Scoot. [seb]


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