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BT and Philips join in launching broadband entertainment bundle

One of the key problems in the adoption of broadband by many of the users who were not early adopters has been the lack of broadband content. As part of a wider "Home of Possibilities" broadband strategy, BT has launched a product bundle in conjunction with Philips that allows users to download music and listen to it in any part of their home. Although this is not an entirely new concept from Philips, previous models have not included 802.11b wireless connectivity.

"BT has a vision where broadband creates more possibilities in the home. The Streamium bundle does just that - allowing customers to enjoy their music wherever they want."

Pierre Danon (CEO), BT Retail

The product bundle includes a BT Voyager 2000 wireless router and access point and an Internet-enabled Philips Streamium MC-i250 hi-fi music system which can play MP3 files and allows users to listen in to Internet-based radio stations. The bundle is available from and in the three House of Fraser stores (Lakeside, Thurrock; Manchester; Oxford Street, London) which are also demonstrating the product at a price of £499.99. [seb]


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