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Oftel dismissed Freeserve complaint regarding BTOW pricing

Oftel has completed its reassessment of the Freeserve complaint over BT Openworld's consumer broadband pricing policies being anti-competitive confirming its earlier decision in May last year. Freeserve had asked the Competition Commission Appeals Tribunal to investigate the decision made by Oftel which agreed with Often on three of the four issues and on the fourth said Oftel had simply given insufficient explanation as to why it had concluded there was no evidence of a margin squeeze.

BT welcomed the decision last week saying: "We are pleased that Oftel has finally thrown out Freeserve's spurious claims. It is a shame that it has taken over eighteen months to reach this point, but at least common sense has prevailed. Perhaps Freeserve will be a little less quick to complain and a bit more willing to acknowledge the fact that the UK now has the most competitive broadband sector in the world." [seb]


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