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BT Openworld & BT Broadband leading complaints league table

In a recent report published by OFTEL, BT Openworld and BT Broadband have jointly earned the top position with most complaints per 1,000 customers for which 0.7 complaints have been received in the last six months. The industry average is 0.3 complaints, putting BT's retail services at more than double the number of complaints than most ISPs. It should be added that the complain only gauges companies with more than 100,000 customers and is not limited to broadband providers. Pipex and Tiscali were next in line with 0.4 complaints whilst Telewest, AOL and Freeserve were showing only 0.1 complaints per 1,000 customers.

The top three issues being complained about were billing problems (e.g. customer keeps getting billed and/or harassed after cancelling service), erratic or non-existent connections, and ISP ignorance of complaints. All of the top three were related to broadband services. [seb]


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