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Community broadband groups welcome BT trigger announcement

The Community Broadband Network and other broadband campaign groups are welcoming BT's recent announcement following the review of all exchanges which did not have a trigger level set and their decision to provide trigger levels for 2,300 exchanges.

"This is excellent news. If BT deliver on this it means community groups can concentrate on driving up demand to meet trigger levels, rather than figuring out how to develop alternative means of provision all by themselves."

Simon Berry, Community Broadband Network

"It means that we know where BT stands. In the longer term though we will need much higher speeds than ADSL can provide particularly for SMEs and for true broadband applications such as music, video downloads and video conferencing. We all need to keep the pressure on the whole industry to ensure affordable, available broadband in the UK. The job's not done just because BT makes a nice announcement".

Brian Condon, Access to Broadband Campaign

Whilst not all campaigners trying to help their local exchange reach the trigger levels are welcoming these changes calling them unattainable in some cases, both the Community Broadband Network and the Access to Broadband Campaign are encouraging local communities to work together with BT as well as other providers to try and get broadband to their area whether it's using BT's ADSL network or through alternative means. [seb]


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