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Broadband in an Xbox

Christmas is coming, and we may have just the suggestion as a present for the kids, your partner, or even yourself. Freedom2Surf have launched a new service called Live!Online which incorporates one of the first dedicated Xbox solutions we have seen to date. Although not all within an Xbox, the package includes the Xbox console, a 1 year subscription to Xbox Live, two free games (Halo and Mid-Town Madness 3), and a USRobotics 9003 Ethernet Router- everything you need to get your Xbox online.

The cost, as many people are probably wondering, is a setup fee of £257.24 (inc VAT) with either £22.50 a month subscription fee for 512k ADSL, or £29.99 for 1Mbps. The router allows a simultaneous connection of both the Xbox and a normal PC or network. It is also supplied fully configured with your connection details, and two microfilters are included, so all you have to do is plug it all in, and play!

This may be an affordable option if you are considering investing in broadband, and also want to tackle Christmas with the same stone. Separately, the USRobotics will retail for about £115 (inc VAT), with the Xbox at about £125 and the Xbox Live subscription on top of this- saving you some money at least! More details are available on the Freedom2Surf website.


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