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Parents are more confident about the Internet

As the Internet becomes more prevalent in day-to-day life, parents are encouraged to wise up to the dangers and benefits it can present to children through various media including television advertising.

An NOP survey commissioned by BT Yahoo! Broadband surveyed 500 Internet users across the UK and found some regional variations with Londoners being most concerned over the risks children face. The survey indicated that parents are "increasingly confident in their ability to create a safe online environment" for their children with 93% of respondents saying they were aware of the steps needed to achieve this. Also, 92% said that access should be with supervision.

"Parents clearly feel more confident about the safety measures available and the practical steps that they can take to keep their children safe on the web. The internet is a vital source of news, information and entertainment and increasingly part of the wider educational curriculum. To block access to it is a knee-jerk reaction that doesn't benefit anybody.

But this research doesn't mean that we can now rest on our laurels. The work of educating and raising awareness, as well as listening to the concerns of our customers must continue. We have always advocated, and will continue to advocate, that parents be proactively involved with their children's internet experience. We also believe that ISPs have a responsibility to provide full parental controls that operate both in and outside the browser environment. Ultimately all of us have a duty to work with the media, the government and the rest of industry to continue to promote safe surfing"

Duncan Ingram (Managing Director), BT Yahoo! Broadband

BT Yahoo! Broadband is supporting Parents Online Safety Week. The Home Office has also published a guide called "Keeping your child safe on the internet" for parents available electronically here or order a paper copy. [seb]


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