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BT releases half year results

The BT Group has published its half year results, the main highlight for broadband users being that BT Wholesale has 1.5 million ADSL lines installed as of 31st October 2003.

Ben Verwaayen, the BT CEO has the following to say in the statement, "The market is changing rapidly with the move to new technology being driven by BT. The UK has become one of the fastest growing broadband nations, with our broadband connections trebling over the past year. Voice over IP is now commonplace in the corporate sector.".

It is interesting to see that the use of VoIP is acknowledged, 2004 is likely to be the year when it starts to enter the consumer market also. Lets hope that BT are not considering ADSL still a new technology, it may be for parts of the UK, but large areas have had it since 2000. 2004 needs to be the year when BT starts to deploy the next generation of broadband. If BT or other parties do not start to deploy next generation broadband systems in 2004, we will see a repeat of the years between 1998 and 2002. In other words ADSL will explode in demand just like dial-up did, but then consumers will wake up and discover that the rest of world has moved on.

The continued roll-out of broadband to the areas of the UK currently with no affordable consumer options is important, but this must not be to the exclusion of new technologies. Some of the new developments like wireless will actually help the roll-out too.


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