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PlusNet named "Best ISP on the Planet" by Internet Magazine

In the December 2003 issue of Internet Magazine, Scott Parker evaluates the larger service providers using four key criteria: Products & service range, customer service, performance and value for money. The data for this came from various sources including but not limited ADSLguide speed test results and ratings as well as Internet Magazine's own user survey. Each provider was scored out of 100.

Top of the list came Plusnet with a score of 84% mainly because of its top-of-the-line product/service choices well in front with a good combination of other factors to ensure it remained at the top, although Internet Magazine does question whether they can maintain the low margins they are making on broadband services, about the only criticism found of the service.

"...the icing on the cake is all the extra features you get with your connection, which include bags of free Web space and support for CGI, PHP and MySQL, which is rare for ISPs."

Scott Parker, Internet Magazine

"Our superior operating model allows us to consistently deliver a quality customer experience at a lower cost structure than any of our competitors. We're very happy to have been awarded this further accolade and would especially like to thank our staff for their hard work and continued commitment to great customer service."

Marco Potesta, PlusNet

Whilst not being exclusively about broadband, this was a major feature of the article along with unmetered access. Eclipse Internet and Telewest Broadband were in second place followed not so closely behind by NTL, Claranet and AOL. [seb]


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