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Scottish & Southern to complain about BT

ZDNet has the news that Scottish and Southern (SSE) are to lodge a complaint with OFCOM about BT. SSE are the company involved in the ongoing trials for Powerline broadband (PLC), in places like Stonehaven and Winchester.

The exact nature of the complaint is not specified but the speculation is that SSE are not happy about BT enabling the Stonehaven exchange back in July 2003. If this is correct then complaining several months later seems odd. The exchange was given a trigger of 400 when the demand led scheme was originally launched, this was reduced to 350 in January 2003. In essence it should have been obvious that there was a high chance Stonehaven would get ADSL at some point.

Stonehaven reportedly has a population of around 5,000, so there should be plenty of room for two broadband providers. If alternate providers are going to complain about BT moving into an area, then we may actually see a quilt-work with many local monopolies. Of course competing with a company the size of BT may be hard for people like community wireless startups. Perhaps the key for people setting up community systems is to ensure that their business model can sustain one or more competitors.


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