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Is a fix for Virgin on the way?

The Register has more details on Virgin's current problems and news that hopefully work to fix the fault will be completed on 14th November.

Apparently up to 15% of its 30,000 strong ADSL customer base have being affected by the current problems, which consist of dropped connections and slow or non-existent downloads. The actual cause of all these problems is dud routers.'s MD Alex Dale has said that some customers have already been offered compensation. Though how exactly users apply for this is unclear, lets hope they do not have to call the 50p/minute technical support desk. Talk of offering compensation is not uncommon, what is uncommon is for it to actually be widespread. If Virgin were to simply compensate all those it believes were disrupted by the problem this might go some way to improving consumer confidence again. The more traditional option of only compensating those who shout loudest is more common unfortunately.


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