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Handful of offers from Bulldog

Bulldog is starting the end of year sale very early, with a series of service and hardware bundles. The promotions run from now until 31st December 2003, and the price for the ADSL services is fixed for 12 months from when the connection is activated.

  1. PrimeTime 1000 @ £24.99/month, a 1Mbps service that runs at up-to 0.5Mbps during the working day, with up-to 1Mbps available from 6pm to 8am and weekends/bank holidays. The activation fee is £58.74, and the service has a 12 month minimum contract.
  2. PrimeTime 2000 @ £29.99/month, same as PrimeTime 1000 but running at up-to 2Mbps in the off-peak periods.
  3. MyZones WiFi service and hardware bundle for £99.99. 12 months subscription to the MyZones wireless service allowing you access to hot-spots, and a Netgear ME103 wireless access point and MA111 USB wireless adapter.
  4. Netgear DM602 ADSL modem/router for £39.99. A basic ADSL modem with built in NAT router, with a single USB and Ethernet port.
  5. Netgear DG834G 54 Mbps WiFi bundle for £164.49. Includes the soon to be available DG834G router and a choice from a USB/PCI/Cardbus wireless adapter

The hardware offers are available to existing as well as new Bulldog customers. The two PrimeTime services are only available on a subset of the currently enabled BT exchanges, which is 450 exchanges in the London/South East area and several major cities.


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