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BT Wholesale launches Innovation Unit

BT Wholesale on 30th October 2003 launched a new business unit, The Innovation Unit. The task of this unit is to identify innovative ideas and convert them into commercial reality, in other words to speed up the time it takes from R&D to launching a full product.

Many people will immediately see that BT Wholesale is involved and be conjuring up images of VDSL, but no - the unit is more about creating those applications that may well become the 'killer app' that drives the demand for broadband and mobile data services. The three new product developments just announced are:

  1. WhASP Mail Now - a venture between BT Wholesale and 2PM Technologies that allows email to collected and replied to via a mobile phone or any other web/WAP enabled device.
  2. VIZZITIME - a low cost interactive video facility targeted at the youth market, it is designed to work with multi clients, so users will be able to see four video feeds at a time. The system relies on a closed set of chatrooms that are invitation only, allowing the users to control who takes part. The 100 trialists for service were recruited from the recent Broadband Britain Challenge.
  3. Mobile Gaming - the launch of the first interactive mobile phone version of Trivial Pursuit. The game requires a multi media memory card (MMC) so is only compatible with handsets like the Nokia N-Gage and Symbian Series 60 handset.

Previous developments that are already in the market place are a micro-payment system for payments over the Internet, and Automatic On-line backup. The backup service is currently only available to corporate customers, but in the near future a version will be launched for the consumer and SME market.


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