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BT Ignite's Christmas present.

BT Ignite are struggling to cope with the demand for adsl and are now reducing the amount of installation slots available to ISP's.
According to the report on the Telegraph's website the issues have been caused by;

"continuing technical and administrative problems".

The article also quotes a member of staff from Iomart,

"It is absolutely bananas. Telecoms companies like ourselves are spending a lot on advertising and whipping up demand for high-speed services. Now we have to be careful and manage customer demand instead."

One final quote - from BT;

"Although we are ramping up the total number of connections we carry out each week, more than 100 ISPs have now registered to resell ADSL connections so our installation teams have to be divided out between all of them."

We don't agree with this policy and feel BT should be investing in more staff, equipment and training rather than changing the goalposts now.

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