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New graphical resources for broadband campaigners

ADSLGuide is happy to announce that we have improved the Broadband demand tracker system again. Data is now available in a number of graphical forms, which can be viewed on ADSLGuide, or embedded and updated automatically on a campaign website via a few simple lines of HTML.

ADSLguide Demand Tracker Data for Ellesmere

Two forms of chart are available, a simple line chart or a bar graph. The data is available for all the exchanges we are monitoring, both those with and without a trigger level. The charts will update each time we record a change in the number of registrations, or any other significant event such as the release of a trigger level or RFS date. These updates are automated and happen every 24 hours and should mirror the data that can be manually obtained from BT Wholesales own 'Can I Get It' checker at

For details of how to include charts on your own site and the various customisations available, visit our Demand Tracking pages and click on your local exchange.

With the next broadband review due from BT Wholesale in around two months, keeping up interest levels in local areas is important and being able to show the progress towards a trigger level or just the results of campaigning can be a great moral booster.


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