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BT Wholesale regrade pilots to end

BT Wholesale will end its range of BT IPStream regrade pilots on 20th November 2003, and offer them as live options to all ISPs who use the ECO system for placing orders.

The regrades affected are mainly the ability to regrade between the Home and Office product ranges, and also the ability to finally move between Engineer installed products and the 'wires-only' services. This move to make regrades simpler is well overdue, and should result in under 30 minutes of outage while the regrade is done, this is considerably better than the days or weeks that a full cease and provide can take currently. The fees for regrades remain the same at £35+VAT, though as with the activation fees service providers are free to run special promotions.

For people regrading to a wires-only product from an engineer installed product, BT Wholesale will send out a padded envelope for the return of the ADSL hardware. The ADSL master socket faceplate is retained by the user, meaning that microfilters are not required.


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