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BISCit offer free modems in partnership with Samsung

BISCit Internet is now offering a free Samsung modem on its Home Plus package, which costs £25+VAT per month. Free hardware is becoming fairly common from service providers, both as an incentive to new users, and it can make the work of support desks simpler. This Samsung partnership is slightly different, hence this short news item.

There are two new Samsung modems that BISCit are offering, and these can be purchased separately to any ADSL connection. The XIOD 3200U Broadband USB modem sells for £54.99 inc VAT, and the XIOD 3200E broadband Ethernet modem for £64.18 inc VAT, both come with one microfilter. The 3200E is a basic ADSL modem with single port router built in, and as such is not that spectacular.

The interesting device is the XIOD 3200U USB modem, this unit has a bit more functionality than the usual USB modem, you only need to tell it your username and password once. The unit will remember your login even when switched off, and will automatically connect to your ADSL service without any need for the Dial Up Networking interface.


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