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News on this weeks RFS dates

After the news of the two batches of Ready for Service dates for BT exchanges as the result of partnerships (see here and here), it looked like it may be a bumper week for RFS dates. Alas the current batch of dates are taking a bit longer to figure out, mainly because the exchanges involved are to be subtended, which means a few more days of head scratching.

The current state of play is that there are 1824 exchanges with ADSL activated, a further 406 in the process of been activated, 55 awaiting an RFS date, and 3192 exchanges collecting registrations.

Of the 3192 collecting registrations, 400 have a trigger level to aim for. The next review of trigger levels and broadband roll-out is due from BT Wholesale in the next two months. This next review should bring some more triggers, and also clarification on where the trigger scheme is heading.

We should point out that while our checker current lists around 350 exchanges that we call 'unviable', the tag is not as final as it sounds. The true but wordy interpretation is that those exchanges were last reviewed in July 2003 and BT Wholesale was not able to set a trigger at that time. In the forthcoming review if a nearby exchange has since been enabled, and one of these reviewed exchanges can be subtended, it stands a chance of receiving a trigger. Additionally there is always the chance that through a RDA or a council partnership that the exchanges may receive an RFS date.


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