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Do you still use a fax machine?

We have for some time now reviewed both modems and routers in our hardware reviews section but as more users are choosing to get on the broadband highway, an increasing number are non-technical and are looking for something more. We believe that this shift in users using broadband also requires a change in focus to provide a larger community with relevant information about the uses of broadband as well as the technology that enables it, although those who like our hardware reviews should not worry--We will still keep doing them. :)

To this end, we are starting to review products and services which we think broadband users will find particularly useful including streaming video services (e.g. BBCi, etc.), emerging and developing technologies such as voice-over-IP and more. The first of these reviews is of a combined fax-to-email and email-to-fax service that integrates one of the old technologies (facsimiles) with a new one (e-mail.)

"The efax service can really assist home workers in saving the physical space and cost of a fax machine for the occasional fax as well as providing a useful method to archive both incoming and outbound fax communication. It is a speedy way to receive and send faxes that makes best use of a broadband connection keeping the telephone line free for voice calls (until that too becomes unnecessary through IP telephony solutions). The capability to send and receive multiple faxes at the same time is one that could not be economically reproduced in-house for small organisations."

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