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Wireless beats ADSL to Newmarket by four months

Newmarket, a place known for its horse racing, is now in its own little broadband race. NewsWireless.Net reports that Comtralis Networks is using a 1Mbps leased line to provide connections for around 25 small businesses in the area.

Unfortunately the Newmarket telephone exchange is due to be ADSL enabled on 7th January 2004, after hitting its trigger on 9th September 2003. This will create an interesting competition, will the small businesses be willing to continue to pay around the £60 mark for a share of the leased line, or go with their own ADSL line?

Steve Richardson, founder of the networking specialist company, is quoted as saying "BT has actually published a list of 322 market towns in the UK where it has said that definitely never, ever, will it enable the local phone exchange for DSL.". This is something of a very bold statement, while BT did publish a list of 322 unviable exchanges last week, these were from the July 2003 review, and will be reviewed again within 2 months. We do not expect all 322 to be given a trigger level, but hopefully some will. One large difference that can result in an exchange getting a trigger level is if a nearby exchange has been enabled and the unviable exchange can now be subtended cheaply off the other exchange.


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