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322 exchanges get the BT 'unviable' rubber stamp!

BT Wholesale has updated the online demand tracker today with a list of 322 unviable telephone exchanges that it did not want highly visible back in July 2003 when it released the previous batch of 500 triggers. This means that overnight the number of unviable exchanges has gone from around 100 to around 400 - which represents around 10% of the remaining exchanges without a trigger value.

The full list of exchanges that BT are now labeled as unviable can be seen here, the list of unviable exchanges released today can be seen in our announcements forum.

It should be emphasised that the release of these trigger levels is NOT the result of the current trigger level review for which no confirmed announcement date is available yet. This batch of exchanges that have being marked as unviable will still be reviewed and as in the past some will hopefully get a trigger level from BT Wholesale.

Unfortunately for campaigners and end users, the BT checker responds with a 'you will never obtain an ADSL service' type message, where it really should be 'at present it would be unviable, but in a few months things may change'. The reason it can change is if an exchange nearby is enabled, and your exchange is then able to subtend off this newly enabled exchange. Our advice is to stick with it, and see what the next review brings. Alternatively, if you have contact details for people from your local broadband campaign, now may be the time to sound out how people would feel about an alternate non-BT broadband solution. By forecasting demand levels, you may be able to approach other providers if the next BT review does not go in your favour.

The next BT Wholesale review of trigger levels is expected in a few weeks, but it may not happen until December 2003. No firm dates have being announced by BT Wholesale, so any specific dates are just speculation at this time.


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