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BT Wholesale Home 1000 trial underway

The trial for BT IPstream Home 1000 the new 1Mbps 50:1 contended service from BT Wholesale started on Monday 6th October. The first ISP orders should have been placed now, and hopefully the first activations will not be far away.

We would like to remind everyone of some notes released by BT Wholesale shortly before the trial started, these can be seen here, these notes provide information for those people who already have an ADSL service and will be looking to migrate to Home 1000. Also we have a FAQ covering the common questions and answers the trial has produced.

At this time the length of the trial is unknown by the ISPs, generally in the past trials of this nature have lasted three months. Obviously since it is a trial a great many service providers are not offering the service as yet, BT Yahoo is believed to be simply running an internal trial until around December 2003. Other service providers have embraced this new service, and basic pricing can be found here.

We would advise people to check with each ISPs website or sales staff thoroughly prior to ordering, as some suppliers have several packages and it is best to order the right package in the first instance. This is to avoid delays in obtaining your service if you change the package at a later date.


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