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BBC researching into a home-to-home content sharing service

The BBC along with the other partners demonstrated a research project titled Share It! at IBC 2003. Share It! is a European project to look at ways of rightful sharing of content and enabling users to share their own material. In other words, a peer to peer file sharing system that ensured the holder of the rights to material stayed in control. Details of the system can be found in the PDF document located here (893KB).

The system is designed with broadband at its heart, both for ensuring that only people with adequate rights have access to download and view material, but also ensuring Electronic Programme Guides (EPGs) are up to date and increasing the level of viewer interaction with the TV programmes.

With the recent announcement by Greg Dyke that the BBC is to give the public full access to the corporations programme archives, the Share It! project perhaps shows one way in which the material could be shared.


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