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Scottish families PC returned 'in bits'

The Register has reported on the unfortunate situation that Keith Calder and his family who live in North East Scotland have found themselves. The problem appears to have started after BT Openworld triggered an investigation into "fraudulent use of the Internet". This resulted in a team of Police and Moray Trading Standards seizing the PC for investigation. The police found no evidence that Mr Calder was attempting to gain access to the Internet without paying and the case has since been dropped.

Mr Calder states that at the time of the raid he was actually subscribed to the BT Openworld Broadband Satellite Service and was paying the £60 a month subscription. To make things even worse, the PC has eventually been returned and Mr Calder is now facing a bill for £1700 for the satellite service! From the notes on Mr Calders own website it appears that even the satellite modem had been seized in the original raid.

This case raises many questions, such as what happens if your businesses computers are seized due to perhaps a similar allegation and when no evidence is found you are left with a PC or multiple PCs that have had critical business data wiped. In cases like this backups would generally be seized too.

Lets hope Mr Calder can get his hard drive back soon, since the PC is pretty useless without one. With the increase in security concerns and cases involving the Internet, it is likely that more stories like this will appear unfortunately.


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