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UK exports ADSL demand scheme

It appears that Telstra in Australia has adopted the UK demand led ADSL roll-out scheme. The Australian teleco has already enabled 1000 exchanges, the ones it considered the most profitable but is now applying the scheme to the remaining 4000, which all sounds very familiar.

What appears to be a little different is that they require the interest and subsequent confirmation of around 150 customers before the exchange will be enabled. 150 is the lowest UK trigger level, and the highest is 700, though it does appear Telstra are keeping in place the confirmation stage that BT dropped in December 2002. Exchanges without a trigger level, will be reviewed once they reach 60 registrations, lets hope that Telstra publish the results of the reviews faster than BT.

One key point made by Telstra Broadband group managing director Bruce Akhurst was that he said there was "no limit" on the number of exchanges that would be enabled for ADSL connection. No such statement has ever been made for the UK roll-out, it is either the full build or subtended build, and after that it is down to schemes like Exchange Activate which to date has not proved popular with RDAs and other bodies.


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