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BT Openworld launches 'IT Starter Kit'

BT Openworld launched on Thursday a new product in its Plug and Go business range, an IT Starter Kit. The kit is a four Ethernet port ADSL router with 802.11b wireless, the actual router supplied is the 2Wire Office Portal 1800.

This router is the bigger brother of the Home Network 1200 we reviewed here, and the 1800 offers content and URL screening in addition to the access controls of the 1200. A four port switch in addition to the one port, a firewall monitor and the 802.11b is a standard item. Unfortunately, BT are only supplying the router with an actual connection, but for SMEs this is good news as at last a major supplier is supplying the sort of hardware a lot of companies are probably looking for. Lets hope that BT Openworld can provide the support service the 2Wire and SMEs deserve.

Ben Verwaayen has oft stated that providers need to look after the total end to end experience, and BT Openworlds move to provide a dedicated helpdesk for this product is a move in the right direction.


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