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Camelford exchange - viable or unviable?

The local campaign to bring broadband to Camelford got a big shock earlier this week when the local newspaper published news that the exchange was unviable (a clipping from the paper can be seen here).

Understandably this news was not very welcome and appears to have acted as the trigger for a week of discontent amongst broadband campaigners at the BT Wholesale campaign website. It turns out that the truth is somewhat more pleasant, but only just. The local newspaper in this case had asked for a quote about the viability of Camelford, and the BT spokesperson appears to have simply used the wording from the online checker here, which is easily interpreted as meaning an exchange is not viable at this time. We believe also that the BT person was not actually part of the BT Wholesale team.

The precise situation at this point in time is that Camelford has 508 registrations and no trigger set, and more importantly is does not have the unviable flag set either. BT Wholesale have confirmed that Camelford is still under review along with many other exchanges.

There have been a few other similar situations involving the local press and various BT spokespeople, the moral of this tale is to wait until the official BT Wholesale review is published. At that point you can celebrate or hold a wake depending on the outcome. BT is a multi-faceted organisation and it takes a long time to learn who to ask to verify information or answer questions. The BT Wholesale team is very small which is probably not helping with getting the review published as soon as everyone would like. We urge BT to alter its current schedule of seemingly random review publishing dates to a regular monthly basis.


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