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More BT IPStream Home 1000 trial information

October 6th is rapidly approaching, and some more information on the trial is now available. One aspect that has kept resurfacing in discussions about the trial is what upgrade options are available from existing 500kbps products to the Home 1000 product. Hopefully this news item will answer some of these.

On October 6th all ISPs who sell the BT IPstream products will be able to place new orders ('provides') for the BT IPstream Home 1000 trial. If the ISP only places manual orders, or if you require a manual order these can only be placed after 13th October 2003.

Service providers who use the "eCo Broadband" system will also be able to order ISDN/Home Highway conversions to Home 1000 and regrades from October 6th. Providers who use BT Wholesales' XML gateway will unfortunately only be able to place 'provide' orders, anything else will have to wait for the manual order start date of 13th October. The XML gateway will hopefully be able to support regrades from early next year.

For those people who already have Home 500 (wires-only) and USB 500 (engineer-installed) and are looking to regrade then the news is good. For people with Home 500 a fairly straightforward regrade should be possible. Those people with USB 500 will need to migrate to Home 500 first, then after this the Home 500 to Home 1000 regrade can take place. This two stage move from USB 500 to Home 1000 will be a pilot that will run from 6th October 2003, in parallel with the Home 1000 trial.

Hopefully this will go someway to explain the differences people will see in answers from service providers when they try to order Home 1000.


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