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Latest news for TPON customers

We have promised to keep the long suffering TPON (Telephone over Passive Optical Networks) customers informed, and this is our latest update from BT Wholesale.

For those that do not know what TPON is, it is a way of using fibre optics to carry several hundred telephone lines. When close to the end-user premises the fibre optic is broken out back into many traditional copper phone lines. Generally it is used for new housing estates that are a long way away from existing exchanges, or where putting 100's of lines worth of copper is expensive, e.g. existing trunking is full and it crosses a bridge for example. The full statement from BT Wholesale is shown below:

Fibre (sometimes referred to as TPON - Telephone over Passive Optical Networks) was used tactically in certain areas to overcome some specific operational problems, involving capacity and line length.

BT, in an effort to improve this situation until a long term technical solution for TPON customers is available, has a limited copper build programme underway to overlay TPON with copper in areas which are technically and commercially viable.

In order for TPON orders to progress for review and possible conversion to copper, changes to systems and processes have also been completed in July and are currently undergoing a limited trial period with orders placed by customers where limited capacity already exists.

Availability of this limited capacity and estimated completion dates of the programmed builds is available to all Service Providers on a dedicated BT website. Service Providers have been asked to check availability before placing orders and advise their customers accordingly.

On successful completion of the trial period regular updates and additional sites completed in the build programme will be provided to Service Providers, allowing them to place Broadband orders in additional areas as new copper becomes available.

Customers should be aware that this solution will not apply to all TPON sites and that some customers in completed build sites will still unfortunately be beyond the reach of Broadband and have their orders rejected.

BT Wholesale released a schedule of work to service providers at the end of July 2003, at this time we are not aware of any update to this.


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