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First week of new extended reach limits reveal mixed results

The first week after the adoption of the new extended reach limits has been a mixed bag. There are people happy that they can now get ADSL, and those yet again again who are disappointed.

The line checker at BT Wholesale has been updated and ISPs should updated their systems in turn. Many telephone lines will have moved from a 'may be able to get 512kbps ADSL' (amber) to an 'almost certain you can have it' message (green). There will also be some who have moved from 'you cannot get ADSL' (red) to amber. Unfortunately this is what has led to a confusion over whether the checkers have been updated - for some lines, amber and red results will not have changed. This is often the case where BT are still unsure of what your line is capable of, or the line you are connected to is still outside the limits.

At the end of the day, the move from 94% to 97% coverage was only going to please about 50% of the people who could not previously get ADSL on an enabled exchange. For those in that final 3% who believe their line should be in the 97%, then a bit of ground work can help, e.g. do both of your immediate neighbours have ADSL, then a manual order can help.

A manual order is the system whereby an ISP can submit an order with notes, e.g. in instances where it is believed the initial checkers have the result wrong. This should mean that BT Wholesale will do the next level of tests, and pass or reject based on those, this gives people another chance. Manual orders are essentially a paper exercise and require a little effort from the service provider and BT Wholesale, alas not all service providers will take a manual order, and those that do vary, a lot will depend on how busy the ISP is.


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