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BT speaks on issue of the 'dirty dozen'

In an effort to find out the precise situation for those exchanges that do not currently have a trigger level set, we chased BT Wholesale for a response to Mondays news item.

The answer is as follows, BT will review every exchange with over 150 registrations, and the result of this review will be added to the BT Wholesale demand tracker. Additionally BT say they are currently reviewing its wider strategy for the final 10% of households without ADSL coverage. BT is in consultation with other stakeholders in this respect, which is something the BT CEO Ben Verwaayen has highlighted in recent speeches. BT also highlights that they continue to work with various bodies to enable exchanges that would not otherwise be commercially viable for BT.

So no big announcement of any date for when people can expect news, but indications from previous press releases are that we may see some form of review in October/November time. Whilst it can be said that BT are saying what they always say, we can verify the fact that BT is indeed considering what would be its best course with regards to those people in that final 10% of affordable broadband coverage across the UK.

Lets hope that BTs promised review is not too long in the making. If the drive for getting close to the 100% coverage mark takes too long, and absorbs too much effort, there is the distinct danger that the UK will end up playing technological catch-up all over again.


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