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The dirty dozen exchanges, that BT wants to ignore

The demand tracker scheme that started in July 2002 has had many great successes, with over 1000 exchanges obtaining a service date so far. Alas there are a great many exchanges that always seem to miss out on trigger level reviews, and amazingly this does not seem to have put many people off registering. The top 12 exchanges which as yet have not gained a trigger are:

Exchange Name


Camelford 501
Kemnay 343
Sutterton 334
Box 293
Chrishall 289
Baschurch 289
Winscombe 272
Barwick In Elmet 255
Manor Park 251
Penmaenmawr 251
Penshurst 251
Turriff 250

In theory exchanges should be reviewed by BT Wholesale once they reach a trigger level of 150, but this process is very open ended, and appears to take months, with trigger levels only being published every 6 months or so. We would like BT Wholesale to at least publish the expected dates for when reviews are likely to take place, and at least acknowledge that specific exchanges are under review.

BT had said in the past that if all the exchanges with triggers are enabled, the broadband coverage should rise to 90% of all households, unfortunately if you look at the lower end of the table for exchanges with triggers, some of these are not going to reach their trigger level until August 2004 or later. If BT is serious that the demand tracker scheme is based on demand, then it should very quickly address the problem of exchanges that show demand but have no trigger set.


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